Geo PDF and Regional Maps

Geo PDF Maps

For use with the Avenza Maps app. After downloading the app, volunteers can load maps onto their smart phones by scanning a QR code, or through PDFs downloaded and added to the app through iTunes File Sharing, Android File System, Dropbox. Links to QR codes and PDFs are just below. NOTE: Each PDF shows high resolution aerial imagery and averages about 50MB in size.

Abalone Cove SMCA
Anacapa Island SMR and SMCA
Ano Nuevo SMR Greyhound Rock SMC
Asilomar SMR
Batiquitos Lagoon SMCA (No Take)
Begg Rock SMR
Big Creek SMCA and SMR
Big Flat SMCA
Big River Estuary SMCA
Blue Cavern Offshore and Onshore SMCA
Bodega Head SMR SMCA
Bolsa Bay SMCA
Bolsa Chica Basin SMCA (No Take)
Cabrillo SMR
Cambria SMCA
Campus Point SMCA (No Take)
Carmel Bay SMCA
Carmel Pinnacles SMR
Carrington Point SMR
Casino Point SMCA Lovers Point SMR
Castle Rock Special Closure
Cat Harbor and Arrow Point to Lion Head Point SMCA
Crystal Cove SMCA
Dana Point SMCA
Del Mar Landing SMR
Double Cone Rock SMCA
Double Point Stormy Stack Rock Special Closure
Drakes Estero SMCA
Duxbury Reef SMCA
Edward F Ricketts SMCA
Egg Devils Slide Rock to Devils Slide Special Closure
Elkhorn Slough SMCA
Elkhorn Slough SMR
Estero Americano SMRMA
Estero de Limantour SMR
Estero de San Antonio SMRMA
False Klamath Rock Special Closure
Famosa Slough SMCA (No Take)
Farnsworth Offshore and Onshore SMCA
Footprint SMR
Gerstle Cove SMR
Goleta Slough SMCA (No Take)
Gull Island SMR
Harris Point SMR
Kashtayit SMCA
Laguna Beach SMCA (No Take)
Laguna Beach SMR
Lovers Point Julia Platt SMR
MacKerricher SMCA
Mattole Canyon SMR and Sea Lion Gulch SMR
Montara SMR Pillar Point SMCA
Moro Cojo Slough SMR
Morro Bay SMR
Morro Bay SMRMA
Naples SMCA
Natural Bridges SMR
Navarro River Estuary SMCA
North Farallon Islands
Pacific Grove Marine Gardens SMCA
Painted Cave SMCA
Piedras Blancas SMCA and SMR
Point Arena SMCA and SMR
Point Arena SMR
Point Buchon SMCA and SMR
Point Cabrillo SMR
Point Conception SMR
Point Dume SMCA
Point Dume SMR
Point Lobos SMCA Point Lobos SMR Carmel Bay SMCA Carmel Pinnacles SMR
Point Lobos SMR
Point Resistance Rock Special Closure
Point Reyes SMCA Point Reyes Headlands Special Closure
Point Reyes SMR
Point St. George Reef Offshore SMCA Southwest Seal Rock Special Closure
Point Sur SMCA and SMR
Point Vicente SMCA (No Take)
Portuguese Ledge SMCA
Pyramid Point SMCA
Reading Rock SMCA and SMR
Richardson Rock SMR
Russian Gulch SMCA
Russian River SMCA
Russian River SMRMA
Salt Point SMCA Gerstle Cove SMR
Samoa SMCA
San Diego Scripps Coastal SMCA and Matlahuayl SMR
San Diego Scripps Coastal SMCA and Matlahuayl SMR and South La Jolla SMR and SMCA
San Dieguito Lagoon SMCA San Elijo Lagoon SMCA
San Elijo Lagoon SMCA (No Take)
San Miguel Island Special Closure and Judith Rock SMR
Santa Barbara Island SMR
Saunders Reef SMCA
Scorpion SMR
Sea Lion Cove SMCA
Skunk Point SMR
Soquel Canyon SMCA
South Cape Mendocino SMR Sugarloaf Island Special Closure Steamboat Rock Special Closure
South Humboldt Bay SMRMA
South Point SMR
Southeast Farallon Island
Stewarts Point SMCA
Stewarts Point SMR and SMCA
Sugarloaf Island Special Closure Steamboat Rock Special Closure
Swami’s SMCA
Ten Mile Estuary SMCA
Ten Mile SMR Ten Mile Beach SMCA
Tijuana River Mouth SMCA
Upper Newport Bay SMCA
Van Damme SMCA
Vandenberg SMR
Vizcaino Rock and Rockport Rocks Special Closures
White Rock SMCA

Regional Maps

North Coast Region:
North Central Coast Region:
Central Coast Region:
South Coast Region:

Monterey Peninsula: